24 September 2020

Green light for the World Women's Curling Championship in Schaffhausen, but without an audience

Preparations for the World Women's Curling Championship in Schaffhausen next March will continue - but the event will take place without an audience. This was explained by the OC responsible at a media conference today.

Curling is in the same situation as almost all other sports: many things are in limbo because of Corona. As those responsible, with OC President Reto Dubach at the helm, were able to announce, important decisions have been made after intensive discussions with the World Curling Federation and Swisscurling: As of today, it will be possible to hold the World Championships. However, the event will have to take place without an audience. In addition, the World Curling Federation has decided that 14 teams will take part instead of 13 as planned. This results in more matches and means that the event will start on 19 instead of 20 March 2021 as planned. The final will take place on 28 March as planned.

As the OC president explained, holding the event without an audience also has financial implications, as the corresponding income is lost. Therefore, on the other hand, the costs of the event have to be reduced. "We hope that we will still be able to finish with the planned black zero," said Dubach. In addition, the world federation has sent out positive signals for a possible deficit coverage. The federation has an eminent interest in holding the event because, following the cancellation of all the eliminations in the continental federations, the Schaffhausen World Cup is the only event at which the teams can qualify for the 2022 Olympics.

As a result of these decisions, advance sales for all ticket categories will be stopped immediately. However, this does not mean that there will be no people in the IWC Arena at all. Officials from the world federation, Swisscurling and the organiser will be in the hall; invited guests will also be admitted. However, tickets already purchased will remain valid until further notice. The OC is endeavouring to make participation possible for the corresponding ticket buyers. The participation of schools will also remain possible. Whether the 1st Swiss Pupils Championship with the finals can take place at the WWCC 2021 still has to be clarified with Swisscurling.